Tuesday, May 31, 2005

deer & gazelle

Blue deers are wonderful! (Albert Einstein, Vienna 1926)

Blue deers were first discovered in Alaska, in 1886, by Thomas Dickens the III (junior). It was the first time a British scientist visiting this no land. Thomas was impressed by the color of the deers and gazelles "they were so blue, it made me so sad" he said (1892, Covent Gardens, London). Moreover, in his America tour he mentioned "amazingly, the taste of the deer's meat was much better than the gazelle's" (1892, Madison Square Garden, NY).

Blue deers love to gamble (just like regular deers...),so come play poker with them at Pacific Poker Download and have fun.

Deers come in few colors: blue, red, green, purple, yellow, black, white.
whereas Gazelles come in less verity of colors: blue, green, black.

Blue deers are very rare in our area, but one can see them in the Zoo.
A very nice blue deer has been discovered by yogi last week in the desert of east west Alabama.

If you go to north England, there's a place called blue gazelle beer house. It's blue, of course, but has some red tables. In south France, one can locate the blue deer museum, located near Kann's beach. Both places offer a great dishes of blue deers and gazelles.
For example, in blue deer museum cafe you can order:
blue deer salad
blue deer sushi
blue deer burekas

The deserts in blue gazelle beer:
blue gazelle roll
blue gazelle cake
diet blue gazelle with shrimps and aubergine


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